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Explaining Scripture: Active and Unchanging

This is the first in a three-part series that looks at how we view the Holy Scriptures.

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Selfishness in the Church

Resisting the temptation to prioritize personal preferences over those that benefit others is essential to overcoming selfishness in our lives and in the church.

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Loving Creation, Loving One Another

Wesleyan-holiness theology challenges us to be a part of the redemption of all things.

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Breaking Poverty's Cycles

Last September, a photograph of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi's limp body on a Turkish beach was a gut check to sophisticated societies, reminding them of the fragility of life for millions of people fleeing economic and political chaos and highlight

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Intimacy: A Better Story

The dreaded “sex talk.” I think this is a right of passage for every person who dares to embark on the journey of parenting.

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Bringing the Story to Life

My kids got their good taste in music from me. They’re a little obsessive about it, though.

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What Is Authentic Community?

The measure of love is its capacity to coexist within the context of diversity.

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