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What Did Jesus Sing?

I cannot imagine a long-haired Jesus strumming a guitar and belting out a ballad. I can’t visualize Him clapping and toe-tapping to praise choruses. Can you see Him singing at a Bill Gaither “Homecoming” event?

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Saving Marriages Before (and After) They Start

An interview with psychologists and authors Les and Leslie Parrott HT: Does this new generation still believe in marriage?

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What Are Our Churches Doing?

The General Secretary has released the 2015 annual report. Nearly 30,000 Churches of the Nazarene were reported this year.

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Inerrancy: Not our debate

As we get spiritual nourishment from the Bible, that lifeline is enhanced with a more informed understanding of the Bible.

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Can God Really Redeem This Picture?

Life's journey may be fragmented and frustrating, but God is there. Always.

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Empowering Fellow Women Leaders

Two women from diverse world areas discuss women in leadership and their own roles in developing these leaders.

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Communal Worship that Is Christian

Spiritual nourishment is given and received when we gather together in worship.

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