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A God Who Heals

A look at the church’s Article of Faith on divine healing helps us understand how God heals.

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A Global Family

A healthy tension exists when we bring the family together from around the world.

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Q&A: Nazarenes around the world

How do Nazarenes around the world view the church’s theology, and in what ways do they help to shape it?

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Q&A: The confessional life

The church teaches the need for confession yet it's often not practiced. Does it matter that we avoid it?

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Q&A: Decisions and elections

How should we approach decision-making and "God's will" when it involves local church and district level elections?

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We can’t ignore our need of confession.

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What Does It Mean to Be Blessed?

What Jesus calls blessed are circumstances that no one would envy. Who wants to be described as poor in spirit, or live in grief or persecution?

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