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Never Give Up

A veteran youth pastor offers hopeful words for teens (and anyone) facing negative peer pressure.

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Oh, the Glory of His Presence

The great cellist Pablo Casals, in the story of his life called Joys and Sorrows, recalls the first time he went to church on Christmas Eve. He was five years old.

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Small Church, Big Blessings

A trip to India, a prayer walk, and a soda-can recycling program lead to blessings.

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Choosing Faith over Fear

How can people of faith navigate a world filled with violence, hatred, and threats?

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Spiritual Transformation in the Classroom

Organic chemistry class. It’s not a scene that evokes thoughts of spiritual transformation or religious encounters.

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Gavin Fothergill

Muzee had attended Main de l'Éternel (Hand of the Lord) Church of the Nazarene off and on for about a year because the pastor, Mike Kalenga, had ministered to his wife.

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John was about 12 years old when his parents, Simon and Serah, asked missionary David Potter to dedicate him to the Lord along with several other children. The Church of the Nazarene had been meeting under a tarp in their yard for a year.

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