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My Call to Try

The small acts of sowing love and kindness can grow into a garden of hope.

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Heaven on Earth

Why becoming a multi-ethnic church was the best thing we ever did.

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Upward, Inward, and Outward

So what do we believe about Christian holiness and entire sanctification? Look at what this means as we look upward, inward, and outward.

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Tell Them You See the Cost

Pastors need congregations to acknowledge their hard work—but lay leaders need pastors to return the favor.

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Q&A: Translating Nazarene Literature

Question: What is the most translated piece of Nazarene literature?

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Q&A: What do you do if there is dissatisfaction with a pastor?

This question and answer addresses what to do if there is dissatisfaction with a pastor.

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Julie Keith shares ideas about connecting the church community to people with special needs.

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