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Hope for a Future

NCM Child Sponsorships give Middle East refugee children a chance at life.

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Why Compassion?

Passionate evangelism, intentional discipleship, and purposeful compassion top the list of important ministries of growing Christians. They all flow naturally from a Christ-centered life.

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Following His Steps

In a world where we are trying to lead, we discover we are really followers.

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Q&A: General Assembly

How important is it for the global church family to gather, such as at a general assembly? Is it worth the expense??

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I have the uttermost respect for farmers. I am privileged to have some great farmer friends in North Dakota and they are among the most incredible people I know.

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Hallowed Be Your Name

In ancient Hebrew culture, a person’s name was synonymous with their nature. To know the name was to understand his or her personality. The nation of Israel believed this was also true of God.

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I Don’t Agree

Christian believers belonging to the Church of the Nazarene do many things well. We respond quickly to people in need through such ministries as local compassion centers and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

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