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When You Think of Consecration, What Comes To Mind?

When You Think of Consecration, What Comes To Mind?

"I think consecration means a purposeful dedication of my life, or some aspect of my life, to God for His cleansing and use."  Jason, Oklahoma

"For a mother, consecration means devoting my skills and time to my children. Raising children was a joy for me. I loved the process of nurturing and equipping them. Along the way, I learned the importance of releasing them into the world. At first, it was for a day at school or a week at camp, and then it became a more permanent arrangement for adult children. Still, my heart remains committed to the development and well-being of my children." Carol, Kansas

"When I think of consecration, I think of giving myself completely to God. My life, my goals, and my dreams are all in His hands. My desires no longer establish my plans - God's do." Elizabeth, Washington

"Consecration: A pact that involves being so overwhelmed by love (in love) that all other passions become secondary." David, Argentina

"Consecration involves making it solid - making your commitment to Christ something solid and real." Annette, Texas

"It is dedication, being set apart for God's use. If it is an offering, a thing, or yourself - it is committing it to Him for His use."Stan, Washington

"Consecration is to set myself apart from the world's influence and reserve, save, and keep myself exclusively for God's use." José, Guatemala

"I think of unreservedly relinquishing all that we are, and ever hope to be, to God with no-holds-barred. It's turning loose to Him so that it's not our will that dominates." Jon, California 

"Consecration involves putting aside our daily happenings to serve God with our time. It involves a period of sacrifice on our part, either in the act of worship or service, to glorify and honor our Lord. This could include a personal time of reverent worship or serving Him in order to win souls for His Kingdom." Jennifer, Idaho

"As medical students, consecration applies to our dedication toward a lifestyle of studying, but more importantly to God. We feel set apart because our goal is not only to become doctors, but to serve God as doctors, or in whatever else we do." Christina and Rob, Illinois 

"I think consecration means a complete surrender to the will of God in our daily walk with Him. When we consecrate something, we hand it over completely. Therefore, we consecrate our hearts and souls and bodies to Him, and it must be seen in our lives every day." Annie, South Africa