Retiring Missionaries Recognized

Retiring Missionaries Recognized

The Church of the Nazarene is a missional church. After many years of service on the mission field, these six missionaries retired in 2018.

At the 95th General Board, 2018, a special recognition service was held to honor six retiring missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene. As individuals, they have given a combined total of over 300 years of dedicated service to God through the Nazarene Church.

“Global Missions would like to express its deep love and appreciation to all six couples for their many years of selfless dedication to God, the church, and all of those whose lives have been impacted by their ministry.”


Israel and Martha Acosta
Years of service: 15
Locations: Guatemala, Haiti

“As we enter this new season of life, we would like to express our gratitude…to God, for remaining faithful during our ministry, to Jesus the Good Shepherd, and to the Holy Spirit for strength and companionship.”



Helmer and Susy Juarez 
Years of service: 21
Locations: Guatemala, Costa Rica

“We give thanks to God for permitting us to come to this point on the journey. God has been good to us always. Our Lord’s call to serve Him was perfectly clear over the last 32 years of serving in Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. God has sustained us.”



Alfredo and Rute Mulieri 
Years of service: 22
Locations: Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil

“Serving the Lord and the Church was the best decision we have ever made. We are so thankful for the care we have received through these years.”



Daniel and Margarita Pesado 
Years of service: 23
Locations: Paraguay, USA, Spain

“God [has showed] us that He is active everywhere and always, and that He is relentlessly seeking to save every person through the power of His love.”



Jim and Kathy Radcliffe 
Years of service: 33
Locations: Papua New Guinea

“We praise God who called us to minister in surgical evangelism . . . for The Kingdom of Christ. We are grateful to our wonderful church for sending and equipping us to fulfill His call and mission.”



Daryll and Verna Stanton 
Years of service: 36
Locations: Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya

“We truly believe that God is directing the Church in Africa. We feel very privileged to have been able to interact with, teach, live with and love these current and future leaders of Africa.”


Join us in thanking these families for their wonderful service. To God be the Glory!

Quotes and pictures provided by Global Missions and Nazarene Communications.

Holiness Today, May/Jun 2018.