More Than You Think

More Than You Think

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Every contribution to the Kingdom of God is significant and can make a difference.

An elderly gentleman introduced himself to me recently at the Holiness Today booth located at a pastor and church leaders’ conference. He recounted the years of service he and his wife had enjoyed in South America. Now retired, he spoke with excitement about the fulfilling ministry the Lord had given them in a local Nazarene congregation. I learned that he and his wife have been avid readers of Holiness Today for many decades. Then he said something far more profound than he realized. His comment went something like this:

The last time I renewed our subscription to Holiness Today I added a donation to the subscription payment. I know it is not much, so it probably doesn’t mean much to the success of the magazine. I just wanted to do something because I really believe in the ministry of this publication.

I assured this loyal reader that his donation meant a great deal to us.

Most of our donations are small. However, every one of them makes a big difference when you add them all up.

When I look at the list of monthly donations, I am reminded of how the Lord provided just enough manna to supply the daily needs of the Israelites as they traveled through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land (Exodus 16). Donations never create an excess of money, but frequently just enough comes at just the right time.

When readers talk about the success of Holiness Today, they often speak of the insights of good authors or the precision of careful editors. They never mention another very important factor in the success of this magazine: the many subscribers who renew their subscriptions regularly, send friends a gift subscription, and often add a little extra to their payment. Without our subscribers, this magazine would not exist.

I remember a brief comment a graduate school professor made in class one day that influenced my thinking for a lifetime. He said,

A few authors and have their names and accomplishments recorded in the official documents of church history. Never forget that God has blessed the Church with a great host of faithful disciples of Jesus whose names and accomplishments remain unknown. Their devotion to Christ and His mission to our world are as important as the efforts of those whose names we know.

This historical issue highlights the names and accomplishments of some of these silent heroes of the faith. Their faithfulness to Christ across a lifetime helped make the Christian Church what it is today. I think the same is true of our Holiness Today readers.

We know the names of the editors and authors who have contributed to the ministry of the magazine for more than 100 years. Let us not forget the efforts of our loyal readers who subscribe faithfully, promote the magazine in their local churches year after year, pass copies on to their friends and neighbors, and extend this ministry in a variety of ways. Their sacrificial donations may not seem like much. However, the Lord always has a way of taking small sacrifices and multiplying them into meaningful support.

All of us at Holiness Today say to our loyal readers and supporters, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

You empower this ministry to continue to speak in meaningful ways about who we are, what we believe, and how we partner together with God in spreading the message of Scriptural holiness around the world. May the Lord bless you for your simple but profound contributions to this publication.

Frank Moore is general editor of the Church of the Nazarene and editor in chief of Holiness Today

Holiness Today, Sept/Oct 2018

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