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Love Irrepressible

Love Irrepressible

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The man that will go through with God, God will go through that man to others. 

Nothing can stand against love, for it "Never faileth." It does not recognize any "hard cases," but is just as sure of winning in the end as with the more tender-hearted. It is persistent, persuasive, patient and prevailing, and sees no failure, for it has none.

It is the mightiest thing that a wise and merciful God ever bestowed upon man, which gives him victory not only over his own self—for it slays self—but over everything else, and makes him a veritable unconquered conqueror.

It cannot be bought, bribed or forced, but will at all times act "without money and without price." It never fails in soothing sorrow, assuaging grief, comforting hearts, and making peace. No obstacles affright it, no fears assail it, no allurements can turn it aside.

You may strike cruel blows at it, and grieve it, but you cannot kill it. You may reject it and ignore it for a time, but it will conquer that in you which resists it, and make you its friend.

It is as mighty as God, for—it is God. Oh beloved, resist it no longer.

R. P., The Nazarene Messenger, January 10th, 1907 

Used with permission from Nazarene Archives for Coffee Break with Holiness Today.