Holiness Concentrations

Holiness Concentrations

Get a glimpse of the largest concentrations of Holiness adherents around the world.

While holiness has been God’s plan from the time of Moses (Leviticus 19:2, among many other passages), holiness denominations are relative newcomers in the world. Even so, there are at least eighteen nations with at least 100 thousand holiness adherents across the world.

The Global Wesleyan Alliance includes a dozen groups that provided some information about their presence in various parts of the world. Combining their information reveals more than one and a half million holiness adherents in the United States. Using information from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census, their greatest population penetration appears to be in the Midwest, the Western Plains, and the Northwest.

Eighteen nations with the largest Holiness presence:

country holines adherents
United States 1,960,363
India 859,164
Kenya 567,898
Nigeria 308,662
Mozambique 283,951
Haiti 281,954
China 200,000
Brazil 196,565
South Africa 167,648
Burundi 143,513
Guatemala 143, 358
Philippines 133,950
Bangladesh 132,407
Rwanda 124,781
Pakistan 121,633
Canada 119,705
Zambia 117,003
Congo, Dem. Rep. 103,599

Not all groups are able to report their presence in each country; these totals are reported publicly by participating groups.

Twelve Holiness groups providing data for these studies:

Holiness groups

Church of Christ (Holiness), U.S.A.

Chruch of God (Anderson, Indiana)

Church of the Nazarene

Churches of Christ in Christian Union

Congregational Methodist Church

Evangelical Church, The

Evangelical Methodist Church

Free Methodist Church of North America

International Fellowship of Bible Churches

Missionary Church, The

Salvation Army

Wesleyan Church, The

Dale Jones is Director of Research Services for the Church of the Nazarene at the Global Ministry Center.

Holiness Today, Sept/Oct 2017